Boron application for avocado

Boron substantially increases avocado yield

Due to the recent increased global demand for avocado fruits, plantation area has increased dramatically.

Pollination, fertilization and fruit setting are amongst the major factors limiting yield in avocado, and boron (B) is an essential microelement for those processes.

In the recent 3 seasons, a CFPN study was carried out at the Western Galilee, Israel, and showed that spraying B7000 (Boric acid) or Nutrivant (contains B) at the beginning of the flowering, in B-deficient orchards (below 20 ppm in diagnosed leaves), substantially increases both fruit setting and yield.

Following these positive results, Israeli extension specialists have started to incorporate B sprays in the avocado cultivation protocol, at the beginning of the flowering, especially in B-deficient orchards or plots.